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A Course in Miracles as an Accelerated Path to Healing

Enjoy this excerpt from the renowned A Course in Miraclesteacher, David Hoffmeister. David is known for his uncompromising, yet gentle and humorous dialogue, that can lead to accelerated healing.
As a young person, I never had a thought of being a miracle worker and I would say most people that get into A Course in Miracles when asked as a child, what do you want to be when you grow up? Do not say,  Oh I want to be a miracle worker!  I do not think I have met one A Course in Miracles student yet who knew this as a young child.  It is very, very rare. Yet when we open up to it and we open up to being used by the Holy Spirit, then we open ourselves more and more to being available to be used by Him. Then it is like a quickening that occurs. You get more into an accelerated path of the healing.  And open to accepting that healing that has already happened. When we make no exceptions and work consistently with A Course in Miracles, then we begin to see the miracle is always available for us…