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Church on the Hill expanding its campus

It must be nothing but confusing for anyone who comes to America - who practices a religion other than Christianity - when they notice how many churches there are on any given street, ALL of which consider themselves to be Christian. According to American Church Lists, there are 386,000 churches in the USA alone.

While the Church on the Hill is thriving, amidst persecution, in third world nations, here in America the traditional, local church no longer ranks as the only place to go as the Christian's primary meeting place. Millions of people claim they are drawing closer to God but farther from any involvement with traditional churches. What's happening? According to California Researchers called the Barna Group, " ways of experiencing and expressing faith, such as through house churches, marketplace ministries, and cyberchurches, are becoming the norm for millions of people."

A new book by the group's founder, George Barna, entitled Revolution…